"Woodland designs and fits out all of our checkout, bakery and general shopfitting. This includes all of the construction and installation work."

"It's the biggest asset for us that Woodland can convert the creative ideas we have in our minds into drawings and then create them in the build. It's easy to say "I have an idea", but it's another thing to actually make what we have visualised in our heads."

"They're always very professional, thorough, and take a lot of pride in their work. They really do the job as though its their own, rather than just doing the job and walking away. I know that I get peace of mind and a good result."

"We've used them a lot so they know our style, and it shows in the end product and a neat and tidy store. The bottom line is that they're professional. We only deal with one person rather than lots of different people, which is a bonus."

IGA / Walters Group
Adam Westbury